Zebra Strat

This Stratocaster set was designed for the "Gil Zebra" guitar. The bridge pickup uses Alnico II magnets for a warmer sound and softer attack. The neck and middle pickups use Alnico V magnets which give the brightness and clarity expected from a Strat.

Neck et Middle: Alnico V, Formvar wire

Bridge: Alnico II, Formvar wire

DC Resistance:  Neck 5.6KΩ, Middle 5.8KΩ, Bridge 6.4KΩ


Sable offers both smoothness and precision. The middle pickup is underwound, which provides extremely silky tones in positions 2 and 4. This set comes with a beautiful definition that respects the spirit of a Stratocaster and the craftsmanship of your guitar.

Alnico V, Formvar wire

DC Résistance:  Neck 6.4KΩ, Middle 5.6KΩ, Bridge 6.5KΩ