This is the first pair of pickups developed by Hugo Sierro. It all started from here: a set of vintage sounding pickups inspired by the 60s, a set that doesn't try to show off but rather make the instrument shine. Clarity for arpeggios, beautiful definition, and enough output to drive an amp.


Set HH, Alnico II, Plain Enamel wire

Bridge 8.4KΩ, Neck 8KΩ


A progression from the HASSIUM: a set with more output, inspired by the mythical pickups that equipped the no less mythical glued-neck guitars. Slightly over-wound compared to the original, it offers a beautiful definition on the whole spectrum without excessive aggressiveness.


Set HH, Alnico V, Poly wire

Bridge 8.8KΩ, Neck 8.2KΩ

The Eclispe

The set is composed by THE MOON for the bridge and THE SUN for the neck. Here, it is a ceramic magnet makes the notes sing. The neck reveals itself on arpeggios and complex chords in a clean sound. As soon as the distortion arrives, it's another world as the neck changes register with a rounder sound and a more present bass, ideal for sweeping. As for THE SUN, the bridge will light up your rig, making your drive channel sing.

Rock-Heavy Metal-Jazz fusion

Set HH, Ceramic, Poly wire

Bridge 12.8KΩ, Neck 20.3KΩ


No wax! That says it all. A pure old school wonder. Cousin of the Hassium, it is a pickup set that will make you rediscover your guitar through its subtle touch.

Hand-wound with all the necessary attention and no wax treatment. Very dependent on the guitar, it will reveal all the subtleties in the pickup and your playing. Set HH, Alnico III, Unpotted, Plain Enamel wire

Bridge 8.4KΩ, Neck 8KΩ

Mercury C

Once again, a collaboration between JVGUITARS, GAS28, and Hugo Sierro.

The need to create a neck pickup to complement the GREEN T in a baritone project led to the design of the MERCURY-C. Inspired by its predecessor, the MERCURY, a '70s-style pickup, it delivers all the old-school charm of a good neck humbucker, with the necessary finesse for lower tunings. The paradox is that despite its very defined sound in clean settings, perfect for arpeggios, for example, it can, with a good fuzz or other drive, provide that slightly gritty but completely controlled edge.

A pickup for blues, jazz, rock, stoner, experimental, heavy metal, and anything else you can think of, all with a deep and rich sound.

Ceramic, Poly wire