This is the first pair of pickups developed by Hugo Sierro. It all started from here: a set of vintage sounding pickups inspired by the 60s, a set that doesn't try to show off but rather make the instrument shine. Clarity for arpeggios, beautiful definition, and enough output to drive an amp.


Set HH, Alnico II, Plain Enamel wire

Bridge 8.4KΩ, Neck 8KΩ


A progression from the HASSIUM: a set with more output, inspired by the mythical pickups that equipped the no less mythical glued-neck guitars. Slightly over-wound compared to the original, it offers a beautiful definition on the whole spectrum without excessive aggressiveness.


Set HH, Alnico V, Poly wire

Bridge 8.8KΩ, Neck 8.2KΩ


No wax! That says it all. A pure old school wonder. Cousin of the Hassium, it is a pickup set that will make you rediscover your guitar through its subtle touch.

Hand-wound with all the necessary attention and no wax treatment. Very dependent on the guitar, it will reveal all the subtleties in the pickup and your playing. Set HH, Alnico III, Unpotted, Plain Enamel wire

Bridge 8.4KΩ, Neck 8KΩ


Low output level, no paraffin, modern wire. It doesn't sound promising when put like that, but in fact, these are exactly the qualities of these pickups. The pair is defined in the high spectrum but not aggressive; the output level is low, but the attack is present. Very little compression. Whether solidbody or hollowbody, they are the best to make the wood of your guitars resonate.

Set HH, Alnico V, Unpotted, Poly wire

Bridge 7.6KΩ, Neck 7.2KΩ

Hassium & Mercury Combo

Composed of a MERCURY at the bridge and a HASSIUM at the neck, this humbucker set is the ideal choice for a versatile guitar in modern classic mode.

On guitars with a set neck, the MERCURY bridge unlocks its full potential for rhythms to retain their clarity thanks to its excellent definition across the sonic spectrum. However, it avoids any hint of acidity in the treble and ensures very pleasing bass tone. 

At the neck, you'll find the HASSIUM pickup. A '60s-style pickup, it offers a beautiful sonic openness across the entire spectrum with slightly less bass than its bridge counterpart, making it a perfect match for the neck position.

This highly versatile pair covers everything from blues, rock, hard rock, and metal. And if I tell you that all of Hugo Sierro's humbuckers are "splittable," I believe I've told you everything.

Hassium & Nova Combo

This time, a pair of completely vintage-inspired pickups. And yet...

No more joking around at the bridge, there's a pickup with immense character: the NOVA. Despite its ultra-vintage design, the sound it produces will give your instrument a whole new personality. It's both sweet and wild at the same time, thanks to its construction, it takes everything you throw at it, and sometimes even more! The fact that it's unpotted gives it a deliciously unpredictable quality at times. To balance out the NOVA, we have the HASSIUM once again at the neck to provide your set with all the vintage, uncompressed character of pickups that have inspired us.

This set is designed for musicians who want to impart a new character to their beloved guitar, as craftsmanship truly comes into play. It's ideal for beautiful clean arpeggios, all the way to classic blues, rock, stoner, and hard rock.